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Music knows no boundaries so we can communicate in a language we all can understand.

Whether you are into rock, into country music, or into pop, music communicates to us in a way that surpasses any difference in culture, in language and in background. It creates a universal language that everybody can understand and can communicate with.

Our goal is to create a platform for all musicians to express their art in music. We offer a great lineup of artists across all genres.


Heritage Sounds Music Festival (HSMF) 2023 will be a 3-day musical extravaganza taking place in Brampton from Jun 16 to 18, 2023. In it’s 8th year now, HSMF is a grand celebration of diversity, and a place for cross-cultural music discovery. After years of growth, the HSMF has become a strong brand with its multi-lingual, multi-genre and multi-activity programming. The HSMF 2023 will bring back the excitement of an in-person festival through multi-day, multi-event and multi-stage presentations planned at various locations in the City:

Day 1: Flowertown Jukebox

Day 2: BTown MegaFest

Day 3: Sufi & Folk Sounds

HSMF 2023 program will showcase multiple genres of music including: 1. Pop 2. Hip Hop 3. Urban 4. Bollywood 5. Folk 6. Sufi 7. Blues 8. R & B 9. Rock & Roll 10. Country

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